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Salt London hub: Business & Creation

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CCLA, Senator House , 85 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4V 4ET, United Kingdom


What does it mean to be a good stewards, and how do we use our businesses as tools to drive positive change for the future?  In this interactive workshop, Martin Slocome from Gates Green Solutions and the Salt Network team will lead us through some of the most pressing challenges facing businesses and the world today around climate, environment and sustainability, and point us in the direction of some of the opportunities too.    The Christian faith challenges us to look again at what it means to live ‘in communion’ with creation, not dominating or exploiting it. Future-fit business practices urge us to develop solution-driven policies which maintain our commercial viability, while ensuring our local and global impact is positive and sustainable.  Taking inspiration from Christian Aid's report 'Song of the prophets:  a global theology of climate change', we'll explore how we can develop businesses 'in communion' with creation, and the practical actions we can all take to be change-makers in our businesses. We'll be inspired and supported to think about how we can put values to work by leading change in our own business, provoking a community of change across faith and business networks, and resourcing change by building lasting solution-driven partnerships.  Workshops are free to attend, but attendees are encouraged to make a donation towards Christian Aid's work.