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Salt East Midlands Workshop: Business & Creation

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Malt Cross, 16 Saint James's Street, Nottingham, NG1 6FG, United Kingdom


Should we worry about changes to the climate? Are these simply welcome signs that Jesus will return soon? Or do the ‘signs’ of climate change point to a very different truth? There are more and more calls to reshape our understanding of creation and our place within it, and to be more faithful to a scriptural vision of a humanity ‘in communion’ with creation, not dominating or exploiting it. We need to understand what is happening and to find the meaning in it. And we need to find sources of hope, so that we might be inspired to take action.  Taking inspiration from Christian Aid's report 'Song of the prophets:  a global theology of climate change', we will explore how we can develop businesses 'in communion' with creation and the practical actions we can all take to be change makers in our businesses