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About the roundtable discussion

This quarter's roundtable discussion will examine the relationship between faith-based NGOs and investment in development.

 The discussion will serve as a crucial platform for stakeholders to converge, deliberate and strategise on:

  • Mission-driven approaches
  • Prioritising human dignity, equality, and compassion
  • Resource mobilisation including philanthropic contributions
  • Partnerships with governmental and non-governmental organisations. 

We'll explore how organisations and businesses can look toward moving from aid to investment in the communities that we work in.   

Moderator: Samuel Williams 
Speaker: Dr. Lorna Gold (Faith Invest)
Date: 23 May 2024 


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Why 'Social Impact Investment in Development'?

Faith-based NGOs are instrumental actors in global development, driven by their convictions to address societal challenges. Impact investment plays a crucial role in supporting the activities of these organisations, enabling them to implement projects and programs that promote social justice, humanitarian aid, and community development.

Despite the potential benefits, faith-based NGOs face challenges in navigating the complexities of impact investment, including financial literacy, risk management, regulatory compliance, and aligning investor expectations with their mission-driven objectives. How can faith-based NGOs overcome these challenges and build the capacity necessary to effectively engage with impact investment? 

The convergence of faith-based NGOs and impact investment holds immense potential to address pressing global challenges and create positive change. By embracing the principles of impact investment, leveraging their unique strengths, and fostering collaboration, faith-based NGOs can play a pivotal role in advancing sustainable development and building a more equitable and compassionate world. This roundtable discussion serves as a platform to explore innovative strategies and forge partnerships that harness the power of faith-based organisations and impact investment for the greater good. 

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