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Event details



  • Arrive: 10am at Lambeth Palace (SE1 7JU)
  • Nearest tube station is Lambeth North
  • We expect the pilgrimage to last 3-4 hours. There will also be a step-free shorter accessible route provided.
  • Sign-up (anonymised, for safety purposes only) here: Pilgrimage for Palestinians - sign up ( 

What to bring: 

  • Water, comfy shoes, candles, lighter, signs 

What and why are we protesting? 

Join us as we prayerfully protest the selling of arms to a state known to be violating the rights and dignity of Palestinians in Gaza. As young adult Christians, we demand an end to UK complicity, call out those profiting from the slaughter of Palestinians and urge those with faith to follow Jesus’ example and act for justice. 
We’ll be targeting companies known to be selling weapons, parts and intellectual property for the machinery of war to Israel made in the UK. At each stop, we’ll hold vigil for Palestinians killed by these weapons, and hear prayers and reflections from partners and friends in the occupied Palestinian territory.  

Route details:  

  1. Lambeth Palace (SE1 7JU)
  2. Elbit (WC2B 6SR)
  3. L3 Harris (WC2R 0LT)
  4. Lockheed Martin UK (SW1Y 4LR)
  5. BAE systems (SW1Y 5AD)
  6. Boeing UK (SW1H 0EX)
  7. Westminster 
An accessible map of the route.