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Inherit the Earth exhibition, Yate

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St Mary's Church, Church Road, Yate, South Gloucestershire, BS37 5BG, United Kingdom


25 September to 16 October 2017 The vivid colours of the Bolivian rainforest, and the vital fight to protect the environment for its indigenous communities and the world, will be brought to Yate on 25 September when an exhibition opens at St Mary’s Church. The Christian Aid photographic exhibition, Inherit the Earth, tells the story of three supporters who have given a donation in memory of someone or have pledged to in their will, and their journey to see the work the development charity is carrying out in South America’s poorest country. Protecting the Amazon Christian Aid has worked in the Amazon for 20 years helping indigenous people threatened not only by logging, mineral extraction, road building and beef farming, but also by climate change with severe flooding affecting many communities. The exhibition, open until 16 October, will show how we work with local people and organisations to give communities a voice, establish their right to land, and help them take advantage of new eco-technologies, such as water pumps and solar ovens. The images also show how Christian Aid projects help communities become more resilient to flooding and, not only plant wild cocoa to help safeguard the rainforest, but also access markets so they can trade more easily. Exhibition organiser Gus Smith, of St Mary’s Church, said: 'Most people will never have the chance to visit the rainforest and yet it evokes very powerful, deep emotions in all of us. The sheer majesty of creation, the unimaginable wealth of diversity sits side by side with appalling devastation caused by man’s short-sighted greed. 'And so we are delighted to have this exhibition come to us to show how we don’t have to be bystanders, but we can all play a part in safeguarding indigenous communities so that their livelihoods, their environment - our environment - is protected for generations to come. 'Please do come and visit us and take some time to take in the beauty of the images and the very practical detail of the ingenious Christian Aid work that is transforming lives and providing a future.' Official opening The exhibition will be officially launched by Christian Aid’s South Gloucs coordinator Noel Sharp at a special event on Thursday 28 September at 7.45pm – everyone welcome. For exhibition open times, which include each Saturday morning, see the church website or Facebook page.