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Inherit the Earth

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The Maltings, Staithe Street, Wells-next-the-Sea , NR23 1AN, United Kingdom


Join us on a journey to the heart of the Amazon rainforest and learn about our work with indigenous communities in Bolivia at our legacy exhibition: Inherit the Earth. Our guest speaker Pam Richardson, Legacies Coordinator, will speak at 2pm on Monday 21 October. The exhibition will be open until Monday 28 October.  For more information, contact email Helena Arguile 

About the exhibition 

The indigenous people of the Amazon have been passing their farms and homes down through families for generations. Now, their inherited right to the Earth on which they live and work is being endangered by big business and globalisation. Their legacy is under threat, but we believe that, with your support, we can help protect it. 

Our exhibition brings to life the voices of these communities, the work being supported by our partners and the stories of three of our supporters who travelled to Bolivia.

Life-changing gifts 

Christian Aid supporters Trish, Maggie and Eleri saw for themselves how gifts in Wills and gifts in memory to Christian Aid are changing lives.

They visited Christian Aid projects to meet the indigenous people in the Amazon and learned about some of the challenges they face every day.  

I can see that my gift will invest in families' futures, and that means a lot to me.

- Trish , Christian Aid supporter .

After her visit, Trish (pictured above) said: 'I’ve seen exactly how Christian Aid uses the money it receives. What I’ve seen here, and all the families that I have met, make me think about the gift that I have in my Will for Christian Aid. I don’t have my own family but I can see that my gift will invest in their future, and that means a lot to me.'

We hope you'll join us at the Inherit the Earth exhibition, taking place from 21-28 October 2019.