DEC Yemen Crisis Appeal

Yemen Crisis Appeal

This appeal is now closed. You can still give to support our ongoing work to help vulnerable people around the world.

In December 2016, the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), of which Christian Aid is a member, launched the Yemen Crisis Appeal for people facing hunger in Yemen. 

At that time, the economy and health services in Yemen had collapsed, with food shortages affecting 7 million people, and children dying of malnutrition. The country was then struck by a cholera epidemic, with more than half of the suspected cases children.

  • As the Yemen Crisis Appeal launched, 10.3 million people were in acute need, urgently requiring immediate life-saving assistance, particularly food, clean water and healthcare. 
  • In over a year, the conflict displaced more than 2 million people, killing over 7,000 and causing economic losses thought to amount to $19bn.

What we achieved

  • Through DEC funds, Christian Aid’s partner Action Against Hunger (ACF) delivered much-needed nutrition, health, water, sanitation and hygiene in Yemen. 
  • We have reached over 3,000 children, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to combat malnutrition through providing food supplements.

As part of our vital recovery work:

  • 12,600 people will be supported through access to clean water and sanitation to combat future cholera outbreaks.
  • Christian Aid's partner ACF is continuing to provide support to health facilities to ensure that people can receive the treatment they need in sanitary conditions.
  • ACF will also leave a permanent health facility in place once the funding is completed.