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Rohingya camp construction

Rohingya update

News from the camp.

Thanks for your continued generosity, you've made a huge difference to the Rohingya refugee children.

Watch the video to see how you helped.

Your support is making all the difference, so please continue.

Your money goes even further. You have enabled the Rohingya refugees to build a community, away from the violence and terror they experienced in Rakhine state. In the camp, a huge amount of work has gone into building this community, in an area previously uninhabitable, until the refugees were forced to flee here.

Your money has helped to build toilets and bathing cubicles, install water points and wells, distribute dignity kits with the everyday essentials, provide primary health treatment, as well as help women and adolescent girls with hygiene and health advice.

Kulsama lives in the camp where Christian Aid has built bathing cubicles for women and girls. We continue to install these to the other tens of thousands of people in Kulsama’s camp with your ongoing donations.

There was nowhere for us to take a shower. Before this bathing cubicle was made we had to wait till it got dark and take a bath in the night. Now it is very easy and convenient for me and other women who live around this area. We feel more secure and we do not have to wait till it gets dark just to take a bath.

- Kulsama.

Other ways you are helping:

You helped to build the newly constructed drainage system, which has helped to keep the camp cleaner.

This will help the residents of the camp avoid contracting diseases like cholera.


Drainage channels in the camp

Access Road & Pathway Construction

You also helped to construct roads and pathways in the camp. This is vital to any community, however this project was especially important, allowing access for further construction on drainage systems and other vital building work.

Pathway building in Rohingya camp
Road building in Rohingya camp

Stairway upgrades

The refugee camp is extremely steep and it can be very difficult for residents to reach some areas. Thanks to you, we’ve been able to build and upgrade 48 stairways to provide better access to other areas of the camp. It is now easier for people to reach the information office, food distribution centres, education and health centres and local markets.

Steps in Rohingya camp

Landslide prevention

You helped to reduce the threat to households from landslide risks in the camp through preventative construction measures. These will be further improved to withstand future potential hazardous events. 

Landslide prevention barrier
Rohingya children's thank you

Thank you once again for your support, it makes a world of difference.