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Your church can make a real difference to people in desperate need of food and clean water in East Africa. Hold a collection or download worship resources below to use in a service.

Rohingya Crisis church resources

Your church can help people in desperate need of food and clean water in Bangladesh and Myanmar. Hold a collection for the Rohingya Crisis Appeal and download worship resources below.
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Please call 0870 078 7788 or email by 12 noon on the Thursday of the week you will hold the collection, to ensure the envelopes arrive in time.

PowerPoint presentation to tell your congregation about the Rohingya appeal and inspire them to give.
A prayer for all communities displaced by violence in Rakhine State, Myanmar.
Downloadable Rohingya Crisis Appeal poster to print out and display in your church.
People to hold in your prayers

Humaira with her newborn baby in a camp in Bangladesh

Humaira’s husband and father were killed by gunfire in Myanmar. Living amid horrifying violence, at nine months pregnant, you can imagine Humaira's mounting concern for her unborn baby. She quickly fled her village with her three young children and mother in search of safety.

The family endured an exhausting journey, walking for many days. Eventually they reached Bangladesh where they took refuge in a camp. When we met her, she was carrying a tarpaulin sheet, but with limited space in the camp, she couldn't find a patch of land to set up a small shelter.

As you can see pictured, Humaira’s baby has since been born. Caring for a newborn baby alone is challenging enough, but the added stress of doing so in a cramped refugee camp, with three young children and an elderly mother, is unthinkable.

We are determined to help mothers and vulnerable people like Humaira with essential supplies to survive through these conditions. Please donate to our Rohingya Crisis Appeal now.