Nepal Aftershocks – the numbers

A year on from the Nepal earthquake, we asked 200 Nepalese people what they'd found the most and least helpful aid – and what it is they really need to survive a disaster in the future. See the full results below or visit Nepal Aftershocks to find out more.

What was the most useful support provided to you after the earthquake?
Tents: 25%
Cash: 19%
Zinc sheets: 18%
Other: 10%
Food: 9%
Hygiene kits: 5%
Blankets: 4%
Clothes: 3%
Shelter: 3%
Mats: 2%
Medical: 1%
Construction material: 1%
What was the least helpful support provided to you after the earthquake?
Everything was good: 37%
Food: 20%
Not enough relief: 14%
Other: 12%
Hygiene kits: 9%
Tents: 6%
Cash: 2%
How did your community help one another after the earthquake?
Mutual cooperation: 39%
Sharing resources: 20%
Other: 19%
Building shelter: 12%
I didn't help anyone: 6%
Emotional support: 4%
What support would be needed for your community to be better prepared in the future?
Earthquake-proof housing: 41%
Other: 22%
Permanent housing: 12%
Awareness training: 11%
Education: 4%
Info and tech: 4%
Government help: 4%
Food and clothes: 2%

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