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How can you help

Pound sign A vector graphic of the pound sterling currency symbol. Give directly to this appeal
Prayer hands A vector graphic of two hands held together in a praying position. Read prayers and worship resources
Collection Bucket A simple line drawing of a bucket with its handle erect. Call 0141 221 7475 to order envelopes

Your donations are providing:

Money A vector graphic of a stack of coins next to a pile of bank notes, shown as if viewed from above, at a slight angle. Represents cash/money. Cash and vouchers
Food A vector graphic of a bowl of food. The handle of a piece of cutlery can be seen extending upwards with wavy lines representing steam also above the bowl. Food

How we work in an emergency

We're based in countries affected by disasters so we can be there before, during and after an emergency to save lives and support people long term. Through our work with local organisations in these countries, we can talk directly to the people affected to provide the most useful emergency response.

Find out more about our approach