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We are fighting the spread of coronavirus alongside communities living in poverty.

Across Latin America, in Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras and Nicaragua, coronavirus is having a devastating effect on communities.

The impact of coronavirus

As of the end of May 2020, there have been 835,695 confirmed cases of coronavirus and over 46,830 people have died from the illness across Latin America and the Caribbean. The implications of the lockdown will also have serious consequences in terms of people’s livelihoods, and their health and safety.

Our immediate response

Impact on peace
Our partners in Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador and Haiti are helping women at risk of increased domestic violence during lockdown. We are providing online counselling to women who have survived sexual violence, and we’ve provided survivors of domestic and sexual violence with protective masks and hand sanitiser. Similar work is happening in Guatemala, where lockdown has left many vulnerable women at further risk. Our partner there is also helping to transport women to safe refuges.

Attacks on human rights defenders continue in Colombia despite the pandemic. Our local partners are calling on the government to protect human rights defenders and to resume peace negotiations.

Impact on livelihoods
In Bogotá, Colombia, we are providing emergency funding and food to communities who are unable to earn a living as waste recyclers during the lockdown. In El Salvador, thanks to support from Irish Aid, we are providing grain to over 200 families in one of the poorest areas of the country.

Impact on health services
Our partners across Latin America are working with local communities to raise awareness of coronavirus and educate people about their human rights. We are continuing to build hand washing points and raise awareness on the importance of physical distancing.

Love unites us all

Coronavirus impacts all of us, but love unites us all. Across Latin America and the Caribbean, the impacts of lockdown are being felt deeply.

We urgently need your help to support our response to the coronavirus pandemic. Please give what you can today.


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