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Saifuddin Ahmed, Evidence and Impact Advisor

Saifuddin Ahmed

Evidence and Impact Advisor

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Saif has a wealth of experience leading social and action research, participatory in-depth analysis, deep dive research, strategic impact inquiry, qualitative analysis, evidence mapping for programme impacts, policy analysis, and advocacy. This includes leading action research in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan on the 'bottom-up leadership and community-led development approach'.

He has worked on significant projects such as the SHIREE-UKAID project with Bath University and the development of an ultra-poor graduation model for CARE Bangladesh. He was also involved in CARE's two significant strategic impact inquiries on women's empowerment and sex workers. Saif worked with CARE UK to create a social accountability framework for CARE Bangladesh. His work also includes research into social enterprise models and social auditing in India's panchayat system.

He's currently leading Christian Aid's multi-country deep-dive research on climate change and gender justice, as well as developing the Theory of Change for our Justice Wheel.