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Matti Kohonen

Dr Matti Kohonen

Matti Kohonen
Principal Advisor, Private Sector
Area(s) of expertise
Economic justice
Private sector
Region(s) covered

Matti Kohonen works at Christian Aid as the Principal Advisor on the Private Sector, working to ensure that the private sector is a responsible and accountable actor in global development.

He holds a PhD in Sociology from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where based on a nine-month ethnographic research project in Ghana he looked at the social values of social enterprises in the cocoa and IT sectors, and how value creation works beyond economic value.

He has worked over 10 years also on the impact of financial and tax policies on developing countries and populations, and is a founding member of the Tax Justice Network, and author of an edited volume ‘Tax Justice: putting global inequality on the agenda’.

Matti worked for a number of years in developing country-based analysis and proposals for progressive fiscal policies.

He has also been actively involved in the Financing for Development (FfD) process at the UN, mapping the role of public-private interfaces in development finance, and how established standards and norms for private finance can meet development objectives.