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Kate Newman

Kate Newman

Kate Newman
Head of the Programme Policy, Research and Learning team

Kate Newman is the Head of the Programme Policy, Research and Learning team at Christian Aid. She leads a team of advisors, which includes the Research Evidence and Learning (REL) team.  These advisors support Christian Aid with thematic, strategic and research expertise with the aim of strengthening the quality and impact of Christian Aid’s work.

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Kate Newman joined Christian Aid in 2013 after completing her PhD focused on rights-based and participatory approaches to development. She conceived of and set up the Research, Evidence and Learning (REL) team in 2016 and was its co-head until 2020, when she became Head of Programme, Policy, Research and Learning.

The initial impetus for the REL team was to support Christian Aid staff to engage critically with evidence and improve how we produce and use research.  Key to this was to develop thinking spaces, learning resources and workshops to strengthen understanding of research and evidence. Another strategy was to raise funds to enable research INGO and university partnerships.

This translated into new insights to strengthen Christian Aid’s research practice and influencing both the academic and NGO sectors through developing resource materials to encourage equitable and impact research collaborations so that development research could become more inclusive, diverse, useful and impactful. Core to this was a belief that development should value and engage with multiple knowledges and that good quality research should inform practice. She is a co-convenor and founding member of the Rethinking Research Collaborative.

Kate has developed toolkits and practical resources aimed at practitioners, while also contributing to peer reviewed journals and editing collections. She has conducted a range of learning reviews and impact assessments for Christian Aid, overseen the production of our core materials to support academic-NGO partnerships and is a member of the Arts and Humanities Research Council peer review college.

Kate speaks English, Spanish and French.