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Jane Backhurst

Jane Backhurst

Jane Backhurst
Senior Advisor, Humanitarian Policy and Advocacy
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Jane previously worked at the Red Cross, UN EU/ECHO, and NGOs in countries affected by conflict and poverty, in operational, senior management, advocacy, and community protection roles.

Influenced by experience in humanitarian responses firstly in Bosnia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Liberia, Palestine, she has worked with communities and NGOs in over 30 countries across Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans.

Jane worked with the EU's Vice-President for External Relations, followed by ECHO (the EU's relief agency) during the Bosnian war, and then became the EU’s Country Coordinator for the Baltic States.

Jane established and became Director of World Vision's European office.

She chaired the UK’s NGO Military Contact Group bringing together the MoD, FCO, and DFID while serving at the British Red Cross.

She created and led seven NGO coalitions around child protection, civil-military coordination, HIV and AIDS and conflict prevention.

Jane co-founded the European Peacebuilding Liaison Office.

She served as a Board member of VOICE, the European network of 90 leading humanitarian NGOs for two terms.

She was Law Centres Federation’s Campaigns, Communications and Policy Director, and established and led the Justice for All Campaign to save legal aid.

Jane set up, with vulnerable shepherds and herder families in the South Hebron Hills, occupied Palestinian territory, the first programme to monitor human rights abuses and protect their communities.

Jane specialises also in international humanitarian law, criminal law and human rights law.

She joined Christian Aid after working with the Red Cross, supporting the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and the Syrians it serves, in its call to “Respect Us, Protect Us”, and IFRC’s influence of the Sustainable Development Goals.