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Cathy Bollaert, Research and Learning Lead

Dr. Cathy Bollaert

Research and Learning Lead

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Originally from South Africa, Cathy has worked both in academic and practitioner settings in Ghana, Sri Lanka, Angola, South Africa and Northern Ireland. She also has extensive experience working in the faith-based sector. She joined Christian Aid in 2019 with expertise in research ethics, reconciliation, identity politics and peace-building transitional justice and its intersection with identity and culture.

She holds a PhD from the Transitional Justice Institute and INCORE at Ulster University, and published Reconciliation and Building a Sustainable Peace: Competing Worldviews in South Africa and Beyond, a book on building a sustainable peace in culturally diverse societies.

Selected as a Rotary World Peace Fellow, Cathy also holds an MA in African Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Bradford, and an MA in Theology from Ghana.

Cathy is committed to promoting human flourishing in societies emerging from conflict and holds a vision for reconciliation and sustainable peace that is underpinned by her values for equality, diversity, and dignity.