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Image of Anupama Ranawana

Anupama Ranawana

Image of Anupama Ranawana
Thematic research specialist

Anu is a Thematic Research Specialist for Christian Aid. Current research areas include:  faith actors, localisation, decolonising development, race and racialisation in the international development sector, civic spaces and the impact of Covid 19. She also provides advisory support across the organisation on research design and ethics particularly with regards to diversifying knowledge production, ‘shifting’ power in research and applied research methods.

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Anu is a theologian and political economist with over eight years of experience working in academia and international development. Her research and teaching expertise and interests are focussed on gender and justice, decolonial thought, diversifying research methodological practice, religious thought in the Global South, faith and international development and the intersections between racial and climate justice. She holds advanced degrees in Theology and International Politics. Her most recent publication has been on the importance of women’s religious thought to global politics. She is currently working on her first book: A Liberation for the Earth: Reflections on Race, Climate and Cross, due to be published with SCM Press in 2022.