Profile view of a woman in front of a child wearing a hood

Christmas Appeal

Thank you for helping to light the way for people fleeing violence

More than 65 million people are fleeing from conflict and crises in countries including Syria, Yemen and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Forced out by the darkness of violence and fear, they're searching for refuge.

Another human being urgently needs shelter, clothes for winter and hope towards a brighter future. You can be their beacon of hope.

Light the way

You can still donate today to our Christmas Appeal 2016 and help to light the way for people escaping violence and crises around the world.

Light the way for people like Georgette
The DRC, a vast country in central Africa, has been caught up in a bloody conflict that has lasted decades. Georgette is one of almost two million people who has escaped to other parts of the country with nothing.
A head and shoulders shot of a woman sitting, looking at the camera

Georgette's story

Georgette was captured by armed men, held captive and sexually assaulted for days. Fleeing for her life, she and her family found some solace living in a host household. She was given support by our partner, Sarcaf, to get back on her feet and pay for three of her children to go to school.

With your gift, you could provide critical and urgently needed support for women like Georgette and her family who are surrounded by conflict and violence. This Christmas, your gift could light the way to a brighter future.

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