Bishop Paride, featured in our Christmas Appeal church resources

Peace is possible with your help

As we gather with our friends and family this Christmas, it’s the perfect time to remember people around the world whose lives have been damaged by conflict.

Violence robs people of the chance to fulfil their God-given potential. It tears families apart and leaves children fearful, anxious and traumatised.
By using our church resources to support our Christmas Aid Christmas Appeal, you and your church can stand together with people on the frontline of peacemaking – people like Bishop Paride Taban (above) and Father Alberto Franco.

Love, joy, peace

Bishop Paride is a UN peace prize winner and member of the South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC). Together with Christian Aid, he and the SSCC have been calling for peace in South Sudan.

Bishop Paride, who is featured in our church resources, believes that peace is something you practise and every day he repeats 28 words for peace starting with ‘Love, joy, peace'. He says, ‘If all put these words into their hearts, and every day they repeat them, there will be peace in South Sudan.'

Protecting survivors of conflict, restoring peace

Father Alberto has devoted his life to speaking out about the human rights abuses committed against marginalised communities in Colombia. Despite receiving death threats, he keeps fighting against injustice.
Father Alberto – who also features in our church resources – is president of the Inter-Church Commision for Justice and Peace, which works with displaced people to protect them, help them cope with the devastating effects of conflict and support them to claim their right to their land. 

‘These communities have been victims of severe human rights violations. Our work intends to restore or rebuild what was destroyed,’ he says. 

Father Alberto, who is featured in our Christmas Appeal church resources

Father Alberto helps bring peace to people harmed by conflict in Colombia.

Photo: Christian Aid/M Gonzalez-Noda