Vilia holding a child outside her house

Vilia sheltered 50 of her neighbours during Hurricane Matthew

Vilia lost her mum and her home when the earthquake struck Port-au-Prince in 2010. Bereaved and homeless, she went back to her home town with her husband and children. But life was a struggle and they had nowhere safe to live.

Christian Aid partner KORAL built her a new home that was strong enough to stand up to natural disasters.

On the terrifying night when Hurricane Matthew hit, Vilia’s neighbours fled to shelter with her. As the storm raged, she shared her home with more than 50 of her neighbours for several days. Despite the ferocity of the hurricane, which swept away surrounding homes, her house was barely damaged.

Vilia thanks all her global neighbours for ‘what they have done and will continue to do’ throughout Christian Aid Week.

Yes, I’d like to help build homes that will last and help other families like Vilia’s to weather future storms

Vilia's storm

In this short film, Vilia tells how her new home sheltered more than 50 of her neighbours.