Promotional Toolkit
Promotional toolkit

Includes photos and captions, a magazine article and a longer version of the Christian Aid Week story to adapt for your articles and presentations.

No cold-calling/no-reply slip thumbnail
House to house
No cold-calling/no-reply slip

Editable slip to leave with an envelope at no-cold-calling houses or when no one is home.

Colouring sheet for 2019 Big Brekkie
Big Brekkie
Big Brekkie colouring sheet

Get creative with this colouring sheet.

Christian Aid Week logo thumbnail - English
Christian Aid Week logo (English)
Christian Aid Week sermons thumbnail

A selection of sermons and talks.

Christian Aid Week prayers (English) thumbnail
Prayer stations (English)

A series of prayer stations for services.

Christian Aid Week events sign up sheet thumbnail
Events sign-up sheet

Use this sheet to check how collectors and other volunteers want to hear about Christian Aid Week.

Christian Aid Week editable collector recruitment flyer
Editable collector recruitment flyer

Use this editable flyer to invite potential collectors to join your house-to-house collection.

Christian Aid Week quiz thumbnail

A fundraising quiz all about books. Download for use at a quiz evening or for personal use.