Nejebar with her husband and two sons in a tent.

Nejebar’s story

Nejebar and her family fled terror, bullets and bombs. Now all she wants is a safe future for her children. Could you help?

Everyone should have a safe place to call home

Nejebar’s hope for the future

Nejebar is the rock at the centre of her family, holding them together throughout all this uncertainty.

Despite her meagre circumstances, she has also welcomed brothers Faraidoon (22) and Farzad (13) into her home – they don’t know where their parents are or if they’re even alive.

We still have some hope for our children’s future. We only want a peaceful life. We want our children to go to school. The most important thing is our children.


Refugees like Nejebar deserve better than this. Please give generously this Christian Aid Week, so we can build a world where everybody has a safe place to call home.