Marcelin outside his home

Marcelin still hasn’t recovered from Hurricane Matthew, which hit Haiti in September 2016, destroying his home, possessions and livestock.

'I lost pigs, goats, everything in the house. I have nothing left,' he says.

He now lives in an old concrete shower block, a tiny space he shares with his teenage daughters. There are no windows or doors, and the only furniture is a single bed that the girls sleep on.

If another hurricane came through, we’d just die

Marcelin has fought hard to raise his children alone but can no longer afford to send them all to school. He gets up at dawn each day to work the land, but the changing weather frequently destroys the food he grows and the family often go hungry.

Marcelin fear his daughters’ hunger could lead them to be exploited by predatory men in exchange for food.

How we are helping

Our local partner in Haiti is helping people prepare for disasters. Ahead of Hurricane Matthew, we warned communities, helping evacuate around 5,000 families, potentially saving many lives. We then gave out much-needed shelter kits, hygiene kits, food seeds and cash transfers. 

We're also building disaster-resistant homes to give people safe, secure places to live. Of the dozens of new houses we built before the hurricane hit, only one lost its roof in the disaster. 

But there are still lots of people like Marcelin we haven’t yet reached, and we need your help.

Help families like Marcelin's protect themselves from disasters

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