'You feel as though you’re not really living when you don’t have a home'

When Hurricane Matthew struck, Jocelyne lost her home, animals and safety. She was forced to live ‘in mud’, with only a tarpaulin between her and the elements. When the tarpaulin shook in the wind, it sounded like another hurricane. 

Even now, her new home – made of sheet metal, wood and tarpaulin – is not secure. Once, she says, a man told her that if he wanted to hurt her, he could just rip through the tarpaulin wall. It’s hard not to feel threatened.

Haiti is now in the grip of hurricane season and thousands of displaced Haitians like Jocelyne could be in grave danger. This fear is very real for Jocelyne as her makeshift home would offer no protection in the event of another hurricane.

Jocelyne has shown incredible resilience throughout everything she has faced and is incredibly thankful to everyone who stood with Haiti during Christian Aid Week 2018.

Christian Aid partner KORAL is currently building a new house for Jocelyne and her family. It's the same as the 700 houses we built after the 2010 earthquake – and only one of them needed to be repaired after Hurricane Matthew.

Yes, I’d like to help build homes that will last and help families like Jocelyne’s to weather future storms

Jocelyne's new home

See the progress made in building Jocelyne's house in this short film.