Collect house to house this year

Together, our supporters delivered millions of envelopes to people's homes last year. Could you help us do the same this year? Volunteers have been collecting house to house since Christian Aid Week began more than 60 years ago. Each envelope collected could help people living in poverty – people like Tenneh in Sierra Leone.

Tenneh, who features on her house-to-house collection page

Collecting house to house could help people living in poor communities like Tenneh.

Photo: Christian Aid/Tom Pilston

Help mums like Tenneh 

Tenneh’s son Ansumana is a happy, bouncy baby. But Tenneh has loved – and lost – another child. During her first labour, Tenneh started bleeding heavily and fell unconscious. With no health centre nearby, she was treated by a traditional birth attendant. Her baby wouldn't breastfeed and, tragically, died aged just three months.

That day I will never forget,’ she says. ‘I felt sick like never before. I loved my baby so much.' It broke Tenneh's heart to lose her precious child and she knows she, too, could have died.

Stand with people in Sierra Leone

Thankfully, when Tenneh became pregnant with Ansumana, Christian Aid had helped introduce healthcare in her village. By collecting house to house, you could help build a better, brighter future for people like Tenneh.

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