Volunteers from churches have collected house to house during Christian Aid Week since it began more than 60 years ago.

Together, our supporters delivered over six million envelopes last year. Could you help us do the same this Christian Aid Week?

Each envelope delivered sends a message about Jesus’ love and justice. Every envelope delivered is act of witness, proclaiming Jesus’ good news to the poor. 

And each envelope collected could help someone living in extreme poverty to protect themselves if a disaster strikes.

Want more information on organising or taking part in a house-to-house collection? See our frequently asked questions.

Your collection could help someone like Marcelin

Marcelin and his daughters outside the former shower block they live in

Marcelin lost his home and everything he owned when Hurricane Matthew struck. The only shelter he and his three daughters have is a tiny concrete block, with no windows or doors.

They live in fear that a hurricane could strike any day.

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