The Big Shift banks campaign for action on climate change

The Big Shift resources

Ask your bank to join the Big Shift and help combat climate change. Use our resources to get your church involved in the campaign.

The Big Shift: Banks - campaign briefing

Get clued up on how banks are fuelling climate change, and how they could be a key part of the solution. 

Respond to the banks

If you've contacted a bank through our Big Shift campaign, see our pointers on how to respond to them next.

The Big Shift: Banks - planning a local campaign

Tips on how to get the campaign noticed in your community and importantly by your bank. 

The Big Shift: Banks - petition sheets

Use this petition sheet in church to help increase pressure on the big banks.

The Big Shift: Banks - questions and answers

Got a question about the Big Shift campaign? Check here for the answer you might be looking for.

Our future in their plans

We must ensure that banks use our money to help create a sustainable low-carbon economy as soon as possible.

The Big Shift: stop banks financing fossil fuels

Watch this short film to find out how your bank could be contributing to climate change.

The Big Shift: Banks - prayers

Prayers for ourselves and our world, for use in a variety of settings.

The Big Shift: Banks - sermon notes

Sermon notes looking at Luke 16:1-13, the story of the Dishonest Steward or the Shrewd Manager.

The Big Shift: Banks - Bible study

A guide for small groups looking at Luke 16:1-15, the Dishonest Steward or the Shrewd Manager.

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