The Big Shift banks campaign for action on climate change

The Big Shift

Your bank could help combat climate change

We all want to save for a rainy day. But what if our savings are causing the storm?

We need you to email your bank and tell them how important it is that they scale up their investment in renewables, to help fight climate change.

Financing coal, oil and gas fuels climate change

The biggest banks in the UK, the ones that most of us rely upon to look after our money, are not using that money to look after our earth, our shared home.

Instead they continue to finance the extraction and burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas, all of which produce carbon pollution. This in turn fuels climate change, threatening the lives of our sisters and brothers around the world and putting all of our futures at risk. 

If we’re going to build a better world and prevent irreversible damage to God’s abundant creation, we need to make the big shift away from fossil fuels and into clean energy.  

Money is key. And your bank could be part of the solution.

Climate change is the biggest risk we face

In the Paris Agreement of 2015, world leaders pledged to stop global temperatures rising above two degrees. 

To achieve this, governments and scientists are united in agreeing that we must move towards a zero carbon economy.

There is also a strong financial case for shifting away from fossil fuels - in 2016, The World Economic Forum identified the failure to tackle climate change as the biggest risk we face.  

Investing in renewables helps fight climate change

UK banks manage trillions of pounds of our money. It’s up to us to be interested in how they use it.  

Our research shows that the banks managing our money are still much more heavily invested in fossil fuel companies than in renewable energy companies. Our economy has been based on fossil fuels for over 100 years, so we understand that it’s not as easy as simply changing all of their loans and investments overnight. 

But what is worrying is the lack of a clear plan or commitment from the banks as to how to change this current balance and scale up investments in renewables. To love our neighbours and God’s abundant planet as we’re entrusted to do requires a big shift in finances towards renewable energy.  

What’s the solution?  

  • Banks must stop financing coal power plants. The UK government has already promised to phase out coal by 2025 – banks must follow suit.   
  • All banks must publish a transition plan for their organisation in order to meet the commitments of the Paris Agreement.  
  • Banks must publish the carbon emissions resulting from their investments and loans.


The Big Shift Global

As well as targeting the biggest banks in the UK, we're working globally, encouraging the World Bank to direct billions more pounds of investments out of fossil fuels and into clean, renewable energy.

Could you spare five minutes to make a difference worldwide? Find out more about The Big Shift Global campaign and ask the World Bank to stop funding fossil fuels.

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