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Right now, one of the biggest banks in the world is fuelling climate change. For Sussett’s future, they must stop.

How to get HSBC to make the Big Shift

Find out how you can rise up – and challenge HSBC to make the Big Shift to clean energy.

Why the Big Shift?

Find out why we're asking banks to stop investing in fossil fuels.

Climate heroes

Read the stories of people living with the effects of climate change who are making a positive difference in their lives to reduce its impact.

Big Shift Q & A

Got a question about the Big Shift campaign? Check here for the answer you might be looking for.

The Big Shift resources

Use our resources below to get your church involved in the campaign.

The Big Shift Global

Securing access to sustainable energy is key to tackling poverty and climate change. The World Bank could play a vital role.