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London: The Time is Now mass lobby supporter event on 26 June 2019
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The UK Government say they’re ambitious when it comes to cutting greenhouse gas emissions. But their target of net zero by 2050 isn’t enough. We’re not even on track to meet existing commitments to cut emissions. We need immediate action and investment to turn targets into reality.

The poorest people on the front lines of climate breakdown - those who are least to blame - need action now!

We need to persist and keep the pressure on the UK Government to act with urgency. Write to your MP and remind them what they can do to tackle the climate crisis now.

Use the email box to write a personal email to your MP. Ask them to write to their party leader or leadership contender and ask them to give their support to:

  • invest a minimum of 2% of GDP a year on climate action
  • ensure that all emissions cuts are domestic, not through carbon trading with low-emitting developing countries.
  • end the UK’s contribution to climate breakdown by setting a legally binding net zero greenhouse gas target of 2045 at the latest.
Writing your email

Writing your email

It’s important that your MP is reading your words, so when you email them:

  • Remember to tell your MP why action on the climate crisis is important to you.
  • Use this briefing for background information.
  • Net zero by 2045 is possible, you can take a look at the evidence in this report