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Dried up river bed in Ethiopia

Demand a New Deal for Climate Justice

Will you call for a New Deal for Climate Justice?

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Our current economic system is broken. It’s driving inequality, poverty and the climate crisis. From indigenous communities whose homes have been destroyed to farming communities devastated by drought, the most marginalised are suffering worst.

Act now to build a better world, where everyone can flourish.

Call for a New Deal for Climate Justice

Will you sign our petition calling on the UK government to:

  • transfer its fair share of finance and technology to poor and climate-vulnerable countries
  • stop fuelling fossil fuel expansion and support clean, renewable energy instead  
  • develop renewable energy without exploiting people or destroying the environment in the Global South
  • curb the over-consumption that is driving climate breakdown
  • invest in decarbonising the UK economy in a way that addresses economic and social inequalities.