fighting fires in the Amazon

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The Amazon rainforest is burning. 

Indigenous and traditional communities are on the frontline of the fires. Their lives are being wrecked and their common home destroyed by an economic model that reduces nature and people to merchandise, fails to accept the planet’s limits and is driving climate breakdown.

The people of the Amazon have been fighting to steward the Amazon – the lungs of the world - for decades, often paying the price with their lives. 

Will you stand with the people of the Amazon as they stand with God’s creation? 

Please pray for the people of the Amazon and call on our Prime Minister to ensure that any UK response or future dealings with Brazil and Bolivia put the Amazonian people in charge.

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Call on the Prime Minister to put Amazonian people at the heart of any response to the fires and to ensure that communities’ rights and ecosystems are safeguarded in any trade talks.

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