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The climate crisis

We need a New Deal for Climate Justice

The urgency of the climate crisis has never been greater, but the movement to stop it has never been stronger.

Christian Aid works alongside farming communities in Malawi, pastoralists in Kenya, the indigenous people of the Amazon, families living on marginal land in Bangladesh and many others who have been facing the devastating impacts of climate change for years. From flooding and hurricanes to droughts and melting glaciers, climate change is driving families from their homes, making people hungry and fuelling conflict.

 Those already living in poverty and left behind by our broken economic system are suffering the most, particularly women.   People who have done the least to cause the crisis are living and dying with its impacts.  This is a deep injustice.

Demand a New Deal for Climate Justice

Sign our petition to the Prime Minister.

Prayer Chain

This year is crucial in the struggle for climate justice. To make it a reality we must underpin it in prayer.
Our economic system is broken. Historically it’s relied on extracting natural resources, minerals and cheap labour from countries in the global South to enable the rich to get richer, particularly in the North. It’s this system that is causing the climate crisis, whilst at the same time expanding the gulf between rich and poor. As a country that has grown wealthy through fossil fuels and through this system of extraction, the UK Government has a moral obligation to the world’s poorest people to act. A New Deal for Climate Justice, calls on the UK government to create a just system that rebalances God’s creation by addressing the underlying drivers of climate change and global inequality.

Petition the Prime Minister

Demand a new deal for climate justice.