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Climate Justice

Find out how you can care for creation and stand alongside our sisters and brothers already feeling the effects of climate change.

Preparing for COP26

The world will be watching as COP26 comes to Glasgow in November. We’ve worked for years to create an ambitious Climate bill in Scotland.

Climate justice petition

Sign this petition to the Prime Minister to ensure that the UK fulfils its responsibilities and its promise to build back better.
Film poster image for Thank You for the Rain with Kisilu on a moterbike with his family

Thank you for the rain

Campaigner Jess Hall invites you to host a watch party

Will your church join the fight for climate justice?

Nicaragua is one of the three countries in the world worst affected by weather catastrophes, and the UN has warned that storms here will only get worse. In November 2020, Hurricane Iota caused devastation across the region with millions of people affected. Homes and crops were flattened. 

These emergencies push back the country's economic development. 

Christian Aid works with local communities in Nicaragua to monitor and adapt to the climate crisis. As climate change is affecting the coffee yield, we are supporting local communities to diversify their crops with cocoa plants.  

Nicaragua village flood
climate change rally glasgow

Scotland's Climate Campaign

Christian Aid supporters in Scotland have been speaking up for our global neighbours who are affected by the current climate crisis. Little by little, we’ve been making progress. Join us and be part of a movement which is influencing decision-makers.

Get your skates on

Join us in our campaigning, creative conversations and a new art project! COP26 is coming to Glasgow. It’s climate change decision time for world leaders. It’s time to get our skates on.

Climate change - it's now or never

Climate change is the single greatest threat to humanity in our lifetime.