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Christian Aid Week red thread

Christian Aid Week 2017: Red thread

Thank you for taking part in the Daily Devotional so far. You were probably expecting to find an action page here, right?

Us too. We had planned to ask you to email your MP. But with Parliament dissolved in the run up to the general election we've got another way for you to stand with our global neighbours this Christian Aid Week...


Christian Aid Week is a public demonstration of our commitment to love our neighbour, wherever they are in the world.

And in a similar way, the red thread you've been knotting and tying together is a demonstration of yours and your churches' prayers and solidarity with people like Nejebar.

Share this message on social media with a picture of your red thread to show how connected we are, and remember to use #caweek to connect with others joining in this Christian Aid Week:  


Some examples

Standing in solidarity with all those forced from home this #caweek. We are bound together as sisters and brothers.

Christian Aid Week red thread

I'm giving and praying this #caweek for people around the world who have been forced from home.

Christian Aid Week red thread
General Election 2017

Christian Aid is never party political, but we know that poverty does not happen by accident. Wherever it exists, poverty is the result of unequal access to power and resources, and more often than not as a consequence of political decisions.

For more advice about engaging parliamentary candidates in hustings, and suggested questions to ask, visit our new page.

We'll present your petitions and postcards to whoever is elected Prime Minister after the General Election.

Please remember to remain party neutral whenever talking about Christian Aid Week. 

Looking for press information?

Contact our press team by email or on the 24 hour press duty phone: +44 (0) 7850 242 950.