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Silhouettes of four displaced women in Sudan
Yes, I want to see more protection for vulnerable people.
Stay updated and support displaced people worldwide

Thank you for being interested in standing up for displaced people worldwide. Thousands of you have written to the UK Government, sharing your concern about the lack of international support for people displaced within their own borders. We’ve recently handed in our petition to the Prime Minister.

Your action is leading to real changes that can lead to better lives for some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Join our movement of campaigners using the form opposite, and we'll keep you updated!

Thanks to you, the government has been advocating for a Global High-Level Panel that could come up with solutions for internal displacement. We expect this panel to be created soon. The government is also  beginning its own Parliamentary inquiry into forced displacement in Africa, and we are actively engaging with this. 

There’s still lots of work to do. We want to ensure the processes are right and that the right solutions are identified and implemented - which is why we'll continue to advocate for displaced people around the world.

    You can still support people on the move by: 

    • praying for people forced from their homes. 
    • hosting an ‘Uprooted’ exhibition to help raise awareness in your church or community - contact your local Christian Aid office to find out how.
    • donating to Christian Aid to help us continue to stand up for the rights of all displaced people.