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Stop Climate Chaos

Local Climate Lobbies

Right now, millions of the world’s poorest people are feeling the worst impacts of climate change. Experts predict more floods, drought and extreme weather patterns. For those living in poverty, this means more hunger, conflict and insecurity. 

In Scotland we have a unique opportunity to stop the devastating impact of climate change. Scottish politicians are working on a new Climate Change Bill and Christian Aid campaigners having been pressing them to make the new Act as strong as possible.

Take part in our Local Climate Lobbies in January and February 2019

  Since June 2017 Scottish campaigners have: 

  • Sent thousands of e-actions to their MSPs calling for the strongest possible legislation 

Meet your local MSP 
Holyrood will hold a debate on Scotland's new Climate Change Bill at the end of February. It’s crucial that your MSP takes part. Between now and then, please take time to visit your constituency and regional MSPs.  
Ask them to take part in the debate and press them to call for ambitious action to cut climate change emissions. 

We know from experience that MSPs listen to people like you and me. The more of us who visit them the more they will have to listen - and act.  

Planning your visit 

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland has lots of resources to help you plan your visit. And remember, whether you’re a seasoned lobbyist or new campaigner, you’re not alone! We’re here to support you and answer any questions you might have.  

Find out more and register your interest at Stop Climate Chaos Scotland  

If you’ve any questions, contact Fiona Buchanan, our Campaigns and Advocacy Coordinator by email or phone: 0131 220 1254. 
Together, we can end Scotland’s contribution to climate change.