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Vilia in Haiti Christian Aid

Local lobbyist update

May 2018: Christian Aid Week
Have conversations. Build relationships. Change the world.

I hope you are having a happy Easter. Spring is on its way and that means Christian Aid Week (13-19 May 2018) is nearly here too! If you want to organise any events or help collect in your area, email us at and we can help.

Latest update

Hundreds of local lobbyists have been writing to their MPs about the forgotten millions of people displaced within their own countries.

Every minute, 20 people are uprooted from their homes through violence, and many more because of disasters. We can’t run away. You can help make their voices heard in Parliament by speaking to your MP.

This Christian Aid Week we’re sharing stories of hope from Haiti, where people are determined to rebuild their lives after earthquakes and hurricanes.

Thank you for speaking up for our sisters and brothers who are forced from their homes. Your efforts will make a huge difference.

Five steps to remember

1. Seize the moment: Christian Aid Week is nearly here!

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people get involved in Christian Aid Week to show they want a world where everybody thrives. You can help your MP hear that message this May.

2. Tell your MP it’s Christian Aid Week

Please send the postcard included in your Local Lobbyist pack to your MP to tell them it’s Christian Aid Week and that they can support their constituents by getting involved. Add a message about why you care about global poverty.

3. Invite your MP to a specific event

Find out what Christian Aid Week events are taking place in your constituency. Contact your local Christian Aid office. If there is an event your MP could attend with you, write the details on your postcode to invite them along.

4. Say thank you afterwards!

If your MP has attended an event or supported Christian Aid Week in some way, say thanks. It’s helpful for them to know that you’re paying attention!

5. Give us feedback

Together we can encourage our MPs to become champions for ending poverty. Please hang on to the feedback form in your Local Lobbyist pack and return it to me after Christian Aid Week using the enclosed freepost envelope.

If you have any questions or are interested in any other information, please email

How can your MP get involved in Christian Aid Week

As lobbyists, we often write to our MPs with something specific we want them to do. But Christian Aid Week is a great opportunity to simply build a better relationship with your MP. Start by sending them the postcard enclosed in your Local Lobbyist Pack and telling them why you are standing with those who are living in poverty, like Vilia.

This year, we are campaigning for people who have been uprooted from their homes and communities, but have not crossed international borders. More than 40 million people are displaced in their own country, yet their stories remain overlooked. With your help, our message can be heard.

MPs love to attend community events in their area and meet constituents who are involved in making a difference, whether locally or globally. This is your chance to show how many people care about ending poverty overseas.

Use the postcard in your Local Lobbyist Pack to tell your MP about Christian Aid Week. If there is a specific event that you would like to invite your MP to, we have a template invitation letter here.

What you can ask your MP to do

1. Join with other for a Christian Aid Week Big Brekkie

  • Are you or one of your friends hosting a Big Brekkie? Maybe there’s one in your local church. Why not invite your MP to join you?
  • If your MP’s office would like a press release about Big Brekkie, we can help. Email for advice.
  • Don’t forget to check this all with your Big Brekkie organiser.

2. Say a few words at a Christian Aid Week service in your church

  • Are you planning a Christian Aid Week service? Why not invite your MP to say a few words or join you for lunch afterwards?

3. Meet with you to hear about Christian Aid

  • Perhaps you’d just like to meet with your MP to tell them why you support Christian Aid.
  • Follow up on your previous letters or meetings about people who are displaced in their own countries.

4. Celebrate Christian Aid Week in the media and social media

  • MPs can write a blog on their website or an article in the local paper.
  • If your MP is active on Twitter, or Facebook, they can use social media to show their support for Christian Aid Week. Please be sure to use #CAWeek

Do remember to take photos of the event and share them.

If you need any support, please email

Your feedback is important!

Please let us know if you MP was involved in a Christian Aid Week 2018 event by filling in the local lobbyist feedback form.