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Local lobbyists discuss climate change with MP

Local lobbyist update

June 2018: time to update the Climate Change Act
Have conversations. Build relationships. Change the world.

Ten years ago, campaigners and lobbyists like you persuaded MPs to create the world’s first ever Climate Change Act. But time has moved on and now we need your help to bring the Act up to date.

Below you’ll find everything you need to talk to your MP, inspiration from the Philippines and a short update on the impact of Local Lobbyist conversations over the last few months.

Latest update

Over the last few months you’ve been talking to MPs about people forced to flee their homes. You’ve helped shape the debate to recognise those displaced within their own country, unwilling or unable to cross a border.

The International Development Secretary, Penny Mordaunt, recently stated that she will support the formation of a high-level international panel to examine the issue of internally displaced people.

This sends an important signal that the UK is committed to addressing this problem. And it wouldn’t have happened without campaigners like you. We’ll be putting on the pressure for further action on this issue, and keeping you posted.

This month we’re focusing our attention on climate change, a major driver of displacement and poverty.

Five easy steps to influence your MP

1. Seize the moment

Ten years ago, the UK passed the first ever Climate Change Act. But it’s now 10 years out of date and needs updating.

2. Read up

Find out more about  the Climate Change Act below and what your MP can do. Hopefully you’ll find all the information you need on this page, but for any extra tips or support to make your meetings more impactful, email   

3. Prepare for your meeting

Get ready for the meeting by finding out a bit about your MP’s views on climate change.

4.  Meet your MP

The MP briefing contains further details about why we’re calling for an update to the Climate Change Act. Remember to tell your MP why you care about climate change and what’s happening locally. There’s also an opportunity to get involved in the Climate Coalition’s Speak Up Week of Action from 30 June to 8 July.

5. Give us feedback

It’s vital to tell us if you met with your MP and what their response was. It gives us an overview of MPs’ positions on our campaign. You can do this by filling out the local lobbyist feedback form.

Why take action on climate change?

In November 2013, almost everything in Tacloban City was destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan when it hit the Philippines. 

Christian Aid partner the Institute for Sustainable Cities (ICSC) worked with survivors and other communities vulnerable to disaster to develop local renewable energy solutions, such as solar packs. These provide lights and ways to charge phones and medical equipment in times of emergency.

The impact for poor communities is transformative. And the community is moving forward, knowing they are not contributing further to changes in the climate that exacerbated their trauma. 


Arturo standing next to his vehicle

Arturo Tahup (pictured above) works for ICSC and supports communities that have been hit by disasters to rebuild – with clean energy at the heart of the recovery. He calls it 'building back brighter.' 

As the people of Tacloban continue to rise from the ruins of a disaster, Arturo believes we need to embrace renewable energy.

He says: 

This means shifting away from dirty fuel, from technologies that really cause the climate change crisis that humanity is facing right now and moving onto clean, sustainable energy solutions.

This is the level of ambition and commitment we need from governments across the world – including here in the UK. 

Will you help raise the ambition?

Ten years ago, thousands of you helped to persuade MPs across the political spectrum to pass the ground-breaking Climate Change Act in 2008. The first of its kind anywhere in the world, this law required the UK to cut its carbon emissions by 80% against emissions levels in 1990, and to do so by 2050.

The resulting emission cuts will have long-term benefits across the world, including in the world’s poorest communities who are the worst affected by climate change.

It was an ambitious target in 2008, but the world has moved on since then, both politically and scientifically. The law is now ten years out of date.

The Paris Agreement of 2015 commits governments around the world to keeping global temperature rises well below 2 degrees, with a clear aspiration to limit rises to 1.5 degrees. To do so, all governments will have to increase their ambition, including the UK.

So, in its 10th anniversary year, the Climate Change Act needs to be brought in line with the Paris Agreement and the latest science. We need you to tell your MP – our legislators – of this need.

How to involve your MP

Please meet your MP and hand them this briefing. You may also like to download this pack to take with you which covers all the information here to help you during your conversation.

Please ask your MP: would you support a change to the Climate Change Act to include more ambitious targets in line with the 2015 Paris Agreement?

  • If they say yes, ask them what they’d be willing to do to bring about such a change, and ask how you could help them. 

  • If they say no, and you can’t persuade them, ask them why. Let us know, and we may be able to help you persuade them over the coming months.

Finally, please tell us how your MP responded. This will help us take forward this campaign in Parliament.

Download the MP briefing

Download the MP briefing to hand to your MP about why we’re calling for an update to the Climate Change Act.

PS From 30 June to 8 July 2018, communities across the UK will be meeting MPs at local events linked to climate change as part of the Speak Up Week organised by The Climate Coalition.

To find out which Speak Up events are going on near you, visit the Speak Up events map

With hundreds of events around the country this could be a great opportunity to engage your local MP in a conversation about the Climate Change Act adding to the wave of activity on climate change.

If you’d like to organise a Speak Up event or want to know more email us at