Campaigners at the Climate Coalition Lobby in 2015.

Be an agent for change: become a local lobbyist

Want to do more in the fight against injustice than simply signing a petition?

Sign up to be a local lobbyist

How it works

Sign up!

Once signed up you’ll receive a welcome pack in the post, after which Christian Aid will send you a local lobbyist pack in the post or by email, approximately four times a year. We usually send these out when there’s an opportunity to increase the impact of our campaigns, so sometimes they won’t be sent at regular intervals.

These packs will contain information to help you prepare for meeting your local politician or other elected representative, and will include a political briefing and other background information to ensure your meeting has the greatest impact it can.

Meet with your local politician

Once you’ve read the information, set up a meeting or pop along to a scheduled surgery. Being a local lobbyist is about building a relationship with your local representatives and the best way to do this is to meet them face to face. You will be one of hundreds of local lobbyists having conversations with their MPs throughout the year, helping to influence their thinking and getting our issues on the agenda.

Give us some feedback

After your meeting, please fill in the feedback form you receive in your pack or online. Feedback is vital to us. It helps us know which politicians have been contacted and what they think about the issues we work on. Knowing this can shape our interactions with these politicians and governments, enabling us to campaign and lobby more effectively. Feedback also enables us to offer further guidance to you should you need it; such as drafting a response to an MP’s reply.