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HSBC: get powered up for climate justice

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HSBC claims to be a climate leader. But it’s still investing billions of pounds in fossil fuel energy around every year all over the world.

Christian Aid welcomes HSBC’s recent decision to rule out finance of coal power projects in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam as this was something we’d called for since 2018. But HSBC is still financing some of the world’s most polluting coal companies.

It’s time to get powered up for climate justice and make our voices heard.

HSBC is one of the biggest banks in the world, and it could be using its power to create the cleaner, safer energy we all need. Instead it continues to fund fossil fuels, undermining the efforts of people everywhere who are working every day to build a safer world.

Tell them it’s time to stop funding coal for good.

HSBC are also funding other fossil fuels far more than they are funding renewable energy.

HSBC must have a plan for phasing out its finance of fossil fuels altogether.

Get powered up for climate justice and call on HSBC to make the Big Shift so all God’s people can thrive.

Email the CEO of HSBC

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