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For many of us, climate change still seems like an abstract idea most of the time, yet the impacts are being felt every day – from more extreme and frequent storms, to devastating droughts and floods.

Sussett Enolva and her family stand outside their new, typhoon-resistant home in The Philippines

Sussett Enolva and her family were left homeless when Typhoon Haiyan hit their small island in the Philippines. Sussett was pregnant with her youngest of four boys.

'[During Typhoon Haiyan] we were very lucky to be saved because all around here, all the trees were toppled…. we were paralysed as if it was the end of our days.' Sussett Enolva

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Sue Charlton holds the St Stephen's Eco Church certificate

Sue Charlton is an active campaigner with Christian Aid and a member of St. Stephen’s Church in Ealing.

'At St. Stephen’s Ealing we discuss how we can ‘walk lighter’ in the world. We are signed up as an Eco Church, and were delighted last November to achieve the scheme’s Bronze Award. We actively encourage everyone to reduce, reuse and recycle; to consider energy efficiency when travelling and for lighting and heating'. Sue Charlton

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Janet Machuka

Janet Machuka was very active in the Clean Energy Now campaign in Kenya which calls on leaders to provide clean, renewable and decentralised energy solutions to Kenya.

'There is no longer time for any ignorance about climate change. Fossil fuels continue to put our health and livelihoods at risk, but it’s time for us to save and protect the planet that we are left with.'Janet Machuka

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Morsheda stands in the doorway of her home with two of her children

Morsheda and her children live in the village of Bazetilcupi Char in Bangladesh. They are under constant threat of flooding due to an ever-changing climate and natural tides.

In 2016, with the help of Christian Aid supporters, we were able to raise Morsheda's home above anticipated flood levels, making her family less vulnerable to Bangladesh's extreme weather. 

However in 2017, South Asia experienced some of the worst flooding in decades. Yet again, Morsheda and her children were forced to flee their home. 

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