Sussett stands by the row of new typhoon resilient homes built with the support of Christian Aid partner ICODE

Climate heroes

This page is dedicated to the stories of people living with the effects of climate change who are making a positive difference in their lives to reduce its impact.

For many of us, climate change still seems like an abstract idea most of the time, yet the impacts are being felt every day – from more extreme and frequent storms, to devastating droughts and floods.

Sussett's story

Sussett Enolva lives with her family on a small island in the Philippines. They were left homeless by Typhoon Haiyan – one of the strongest storms ever to make landfall – while Sussett was pregnant with her youngest of four boys.

Sussett Enolva and her family stand outside their new, typhoon-resistant home in The Philippines
[During Typhoon Haiyan] we were very lucky to be saved because all around here, all the trees were toppled…. we were paralysed as if it was the end of our days. Big stones were hurled by the waves to inland and the water level came up very high. Sussett Enolva

Christian Aid partners ICODE, helped Sussett and her family to build a new solar powered typhoon-resistant home, using a community saving scheme. The house is painted blue, the same colour as their church, where they hid during the typhoon.

With the solar energy, her family is now able to eat dinner together after sunset, her children can do their homework at night and they have a new water pump to grow vegetables.

Sussett Enolva's children do their homework around the kitchen table

Sussett's husband Jericho told us that although he still fears future typhoons, he’s certain that the house will not be destroyed.

The changing climate means that typhoons are likely to get stronger and more destructive. Sussett's family know what failure to tackle climate change looks like.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

With your voice, we can build a safer world in which all God’s people can thrive.

The biggest banks in the UK could be a part of the climate change solution. But right now, they are financing fossil fuels much more than renewable energy.

Call on the banks to help tackle climate change now.

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