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Modern day slavery: what is it?

Modern slavery is one of the most discussed human rights issues of our time, but what really is it?

Corporate approaches to addressing modern day slavery

Download this report providing a snapshot of corporate approaches to modern day slavery based on research of 21 leading brands and retailers.

Tackling modern day slavery - the John Lewis Partnership

Download this report from the John Lewis Partnership outlining their business and human rights strategy in response to the Modern Slavery Act.

Modern day slavery and SME's

What has modern day slavery got to do with SMEs?

Modern day slavery: A case study of Brazil

Download this case study about modern day slavery in Brazil where, despite having a national action plan to eradicate slave labour since 2003, huma

Modern day slavery: A case study of Israel and the OPT

Download this case study which highlights a type of modern slavery that may exist in supply chains by reference to one of the risk areas -  the Isr

Modern day slavery: A case study of Lebanon

Involuntary domestic servitude in Lebanon is still a problem. Read this case study from the Salt Business Network to find out more. 

How to implement values-based business models

Download this briefing from the Salt Business Network outlining how to create a values-based business model.

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