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The Women’s Economic Empowerment and Leadership (WEEL) project started in June 2022. It adopts an innovative approach that leverages mobile money technology to strengthen community-based savings groups, testing the use of these mechanisms, alongside a wider suite of support, to drive women’s economic, social and political empowerment. 

In late 2023, a small group of ITL supporters from across the UK visited the project. Below are some of their personal reflections after witnessing first-hand the impact this work is having.

The poem below was written by Paul Grime, who was part of the group of supporters that visited communities participating in the WEEL project. It evocatively captures the impact theproject has had on driving wider social change, particularly in relation to gender based violence.

ITL WEEL Project Poem

We hope you enjoyed these reflections. The project is due to finish in May 2024, and we look forward to providing a detailed update after the final evaluation has been conducted.