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Florence Muthiani at the Mikuyuni earth dam with her donkey.

Florence Muthiani stands at the Mikuyuni earth dam. - Christian Aid / Tom Pilston

Christian Aid Week

Find out how we are working with people like Florence to respond to the challenges of climate change

Rainfall. It’s something that can be so easy to take for granted in the UK. But, when you’re without it for weeks and months on end, its tremendous importance becomes clear. Rainfall is the difference between survival and struggle; hope and hunger.

In Kenya, climate change has been wreaking havoc. Temperatures are rising throughout the country and rainfall has become increasingly erratic. 

When it does rain, it pours, causing extreme and sometimes dangerous flooding. Then long periods of time pass with no rain at all. The country experiences droughts on a recurrent basis – and they are becoming much more severe and more regular.

With the G7 summit in Cornwall and Cop26 in Glasgow this year Christian Aid will be highlighting the injustices of climate change and this Christian Aid Week we want to share the experiences of Rose and Florence. 

Your Christian Aid Week gift

Please give what you can and help Rose fight this climate crisis.

Kasyoka Mwanzia (15) and her sister Mwikali Mwanzia walk every other day to the Kyeng'e dam to collect water for their family.

Kasyoka Mwanzia at the Kyeng'e dam. - Tom Pilston / Christian Aid

Earth dams: A simple way to save lives

When rainfall ceases for long periods of time, earth dams are life-saving. They bridge the gap between rainy seasons and ensure people can easily access water for drinking, washing and farming.

Earth dams are simple and cost-effective, and allow people to harvest water nearer their homes. They are built up by compacting successive layers of earth (soil, silt, gravel and rock) in a large site.

This site acts as a sort of reservoir. The rain water collected is safely stored there, then piped from the site to a community water point.

An effective way to build resilience against climate change. The dams make sure that when it does rain, the water will be conserved and used as best it can. They increase the amount of water available to people and the length of time it is available, leading to more stable income for farmers and ensuring there is more food harvested.

Rose's story

Rose is caught in a cycle of climate chaos. From severe drought to flooding, extreme weather robs her of what she needs to survive: a reliable source of water.

Find out about Rose's story and learn how you can stand with people like Rose and help them fight the climate crisis.

Rose Katanu Jonathan sitting on the dry land caused by extreme drought in Dili Village, Kitui.

Rose Katanu Jonathan sitting on the dry land caused by extreme drought in Dili Village, Kitui. - T Pilston / Christian Aid

Florence Muthiani and her group farming their plot in the village of Kyeng'e.

Florence Muthiani and her group farming their plot in the village of Kyeng'e - T Pilston / Christian Aid

Florence's story

A woman sings a deep, joyful tune. Her song lifts the spirits of the other women on the farm. This is Florence.

Florence could easily have been defeated. But Florence is a fighter, and she shows the women in her farming group that they can be fighters too.

Find out how Christian Aid Week donations like yours provided Florence with strength to withstand even the most unpredictable weather. 

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Christian Aid supporters during a Circle the City event