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A food distribution site in Nigeria

World Food Programme partnership

Discover how we are working with the UN to bring food to those who need it most

War tears people’s lives apart and forces them from their homes. This means they lose their land and have no way to grow food or earn money for their most basic needs. They face extreme hunger, and children and others are disproportionally affected. Christian Aid is working to support people in these dangerous situations. dangerous situations.

At Christian Aid, we know we are stronger when we stand together. When we work in partnership, we achieve the greatest impact.

One of our long-standing partners is the World Food Programme (WFP), the world’s leading humanitarian agency improving food security. We are currently working with the WFP to tackle the needs of displaced people in three countries.

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Nearly 870,000 people have fled Myanmar and are crowded into refugee camps in Bangladesh. There are few facilities, and the camps are vulnerable to the dual threats of Covid-19 and flooding. We are working to improve the hygiene facilities and infrastructure with a cash for work programme, allowing people to earn money. 


The ongoing violence has led to millions of people becoming displaced and losing their homes and livelihoods. We have built partnerships in the north-east that have enabled us to help more than 400,000 displaced people in the conflict areas since 2016.


Covid-19, regular Ebola outbreaks and a vicious cycle of violence means many people need urgent humanitarian interventions. As well as emergency food aid, we support and empower communities to develop the skills to cope with future threats and start to build a peaceful society.

Christian Aid and the World Food Programme are standing together.

We partner with the WFP because it has the operational ability, scale and resources to deliver assistance to those in greatest need. Christian Aid has deep connections with local communities, so our teams on the ground are able to direct aid where it is needed the most.

Christian Aid’s approach involves working in partnership with communities. People are at the heart of all we do. We ensure that they participate fully in this work and tell us what is most needed in their homes and communities.

Standing together, we are providing a lifeline for the families who need this support so urgently. The support we supply through this partnership is flexible and adaptable to local contexts, giving us the ability to deliver what communities really need, and to change as their needs evolve over time. 

Our programme aims to break the cycle of food insecurity and support people to re-establish their self-reliance.

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