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2022 Lent Lunch how-to guide

Essential advice and guidance for your Lent Lunch - from organising your event to paying in the funds you've raised.

Children's Count Your Blessings

We have amended the 2020 Count Your Blessings resource so that it can be used this year in the lead up to Easter. The resource includes weekly and daily actions on the theme of climate justice and global citizenship and also offers reflections on the Christian creation story alongside Easter themes. The activities can be used flexibly throughout Lent and Easter or adapted to provide material for a special ‘reflective focus’ in the period immediately before Easter.

2022 Lent Lunch donation form

A form for the donors at your Lent lunch to fill in.

2022 Lent Lunch invitations

Printable invitations for your Lent Lunch.

2022 Lent Lunch placemat

A printable placemat for your Lent Lunch guests.

2022 Lent Lunch poster

Promote your Lent Lunch.