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Count Your Blessings online

Put your faith into action through daily reflections and challenges.

We are delighted that you are joining our Lent journey to contemplate how climate change impacts our sisters and brothers around the world – and take action together to stop the climate crisis. 

Through Lent themes of awareness, repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation, transformation and blessing, you will meet people who are pushed to the brink of survival by climate change. Each daily action will help you give, act and pray, so together we can fight for a greener future.

Week 1 - Awareness

Lent is the ideal time to pause. Take a deep breath. Turn our attention to our impact in the world. Refocus on our relationship with God, our neighbours and creation.

Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent. It’s a time to pause and a chance to see others through the eyes of Jesus, by prayer, fasting and repentance. 

We will introduce Faith Muvili, who lives in Kenya with her husband Stephen and their children. Drought turned her fields into dirt and dust. Women and children are forced to make long and dangerous journeys to find water. On average, they walk 8km (5 miles). 

‘We did not even try to farm because there was no water.’ She says.

26 February

Consider how you will make space for reflection in the coming weeks, and pray that you can provide rest to creation too.

27 February

Read our campaigns guide to find out how we can create a just society for all of God’s creation.

28 February

Find out how far 8km is from your house. When you travel during Lent, pray for the people of Kenya for the first 8km of your journey.

29 February - 1 March

Give 20p for each tap in your home.