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Lent and Easter Appeal

Walking humbly through Lent 2022

Man in purple coat walking through green vegetation

camera icon Man in foreground wearing purple jacket, walking in lush green vegetation - David Griffiths / Unsplash

Walking humbly with our God

In our acting justly and loving mercy, how do we also walk humbly with our God, as required in Micah 6:8?

This is the question we will journey with through Lent 2022.

In partnership with Ecocongregation Scotland, the Quakers, Young Christian Climate Network, the Church of Scotland and Operation Noah we will work out what it looks like to walk humbly with our God as we continue giving, acting and praying for climate justice.

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Episode 1 - Dust

We begin our journey on Ash Wednesday with a focus on climate justice. In this episode we hear from campaigners, theologians and activists from Christian Aid.
A set of purple footprints with the text "Walking Humbly" written above.

'Walk Humbly' podcast

Our podcast series, exploring the theme of 'walking humbly'.

Pray and reflect with us

Alongside our usual resources, you can listen to our new weekly 'Walking Humbly' podcast series, starting Ash Wednesday.

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Lent and Easter resources

All the resources you need for giving, acting and praying this Lent and Easter.
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A prayer for walking humbly

We have walked to Glasgow for climate justice

We have walked 300K steps

We have walked with Christian Aid Week envelopes.

We have walked to hand in petitions

We have walked to get medical help

We have walked for daily water.

We have walked to reach new pasture

We have walked to get an education.

Show us this Lent what it means to walk

humbly with you as we seek to act justly and love mercy.


Stand with your global neighbours this Lent and Easter

Covid-19, conflict, and the climate crisis are pushing vulnerable communities into an unjust struggle for survival. With your gift, we can restore justice to our world.