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Lent and Easter Appeal

Celebrating 75 years of real people creating real change.

This is what our road to justice has looked like over the last 75 years.

This is what our road to justice has looked like over the last 75 years. - Christian Aid

Celebrate our 75th anniversary with a gift which will enable us to face our greatest challenge of all, the climate crisis.

This year we are celebrating 75 years of Christian Aid. Together, we have helped people triumph in the face of the impossible. Whatever it took, we refused to give in. And that’s as true today as it ever was. The battle for climate justice will need us all to play our part.

This Lent and Easter, you can help your global neighbours who are facing the devastating crises caused by climate change – in the midst of the worldwide pandemic.

Ending apartheid seemed a distant dream. Not to Christian Aid supporters. Fairtrade looked like an impossibility. You didn’t believe it. Our broken climate? It’s almost as if everything we have achieved together over the past 75 years has been preparing us for the greatest of challenges.

Will you mark this moment with a gift to help the fight for climate justice?

Christian Aid - 75 years

This film is a celebration of 75 years of real people working together to create real change. 

The soundtrack is a version of We Shall Overcome that was recorded specially for Christian Aid by The Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir.

Rage & Hope: 75 Prayers for a Better World

Commemorating 75 years of Christian Aid, this new publication is a prayer book like no other.

Full of defiance and determination, it is an invitation to join Christian Aid and followers of Jesus around the world in a united chorus of Rage and Hope.

Christian Aid's 75th anniversary

We've created real change in the past 75 years. Will you join our movement for change?

In the 1940s we raised

that's £3 million plus in today’s money for refugees in need at the end of the Second World War

In the 2000s we reached

people with food, shelter and healthcare after the Asian Tsunami

In 2021 we still fight for the most vulnerable

households provided with emergency cash assistance after the Beirut explosion in Lebanon

Lent and Easter with your church

This Lent and Easter we want to celebrate our achievements with you and your church because they are your achievements. 

We’d love for you and your church to play your part during Lent and Easter. We have resources to help you fundraise and a prayer sheet to join us in six prayers of lament for the six weeks of Lent.

Faith Muvili

Faith Muvili working on her kitchen garden where she grows fruit trees. - Christian Aid

Faith's story

The climate crisis is affecting people like Faith who have had to endure extreme droughts in Kenya. But her story is not of despair. Thanks to your donations, a nearby dam was built by Christian Aid and the local community.

This water source allows Faith and her family to not just survive but to thrive, enjoying life in all of its fullness. 

Stand with your global neighbours this Lent and Easter

Your gift will enable us to face our greatest challenge of all, the climate crisis. Together we STOP this crisis.