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Faith Will…let your love live on through a gift in your Will

Have you thought about what your legacy to the world will be? Your Will is a powerful way to help change the world, in communities near and far. 

Leaving a gift in your Will to both your church and to Christian Aid is easier than you might think. And it’s a special way to give thanks for God’s generosity in your lifetime.

Your gift can help your church’s mission continue

Our places of worship are an important part of our lives. They are also at the heart of our local communities, sharing God's love and serving those in need. A gift in your Will could ensure that the mission of your church continues.

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People praying in Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh Credit: Robin Prime
three people praying in a church with their eyes closed
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The many products grown through the BRACT project to diversify incomes and diet Credit: David Brazier/Christian Aid
palms holding different types of grains in a circle

Help communities lift themselves out of poverty

By including Christian Aid in your Will, you can help create a world where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty.

You will be standing in solidarity with our most marginalised global neighbours, of all faiths and none. Tackling the root causes of poverty. Supporting in crises. And creating change that lasts for generations.

Simple steps to leave your gift

1. Find a Will writing service

We recommend you speak with a solicitor or professional Will writing service that can meet your needs.

2. Choose the type of gift you’d like to leave

 There are three main types of gifts that can be left in a Will:

  • Specific – an object or property
  • Pecuniary – a fixed amount of money
  • Residuary – a share of your estate, the value of which is calculated after all other gifts and expenses have been paid

3. Appoint your executor

Your executor will be responsible for carrying out the instructions in your Will. It could be a friend, relative or your solicitor, and you can appoint more than one.

Make or update your Will for free

You can now write or update your Will online, over the phone or with a local solicitor with Christian Aid’s free Will-writing services. It’s easy to do and free-of-charge.

In person: National Free Wills Network

They will help you find a local solicitor who can write or update your Will for free in person.

Online or by phone: Farewill

Write or update your Will free of charge online or over the phone, with live support.

Find out more

Next steps to leave a gift in your Will to Christian Aid and your church

Speak to your church leader about leaving a gift to your local church or visit one of the Faith Will partners below for more information.

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Jane Paeramanzi in her maize field in Zimbabwe Credit: David Brazier/Christian Aid
Zimbabwe Consultation with Communities

The difference your Will can make

The power of gifts in Wills is felt from your church to Jane’s farm in Zimbabwe.

Gifts in Wills don’t just enable people to survive. They support farmers like Jane Paeramanzi to unlock the amazing potential of their communities and change their lives forever.

In rural Zimbabwe, drought and pests made growing food almost impossible for Jane and her village. But with the support of Christian Aid, Jane trained in new climate-smart farming techniques to grow food and produce livestock. 

Now her community is thriving. With gifts in Wills, your congregation could equip other people to train in new farming techniques just as Jane has.

Charity registration numbers

Christian Aid:

England and Wales charity no. 1105851
Scotland charity no. SC039150

Church Of England:

Registered charity no. 1155158

Quakers In Britain:

Registered charity no. 1127633

Church Of Scotland:

Registered charity no. SC011353

Faith Will Partner logos: Christian Aid, The Church of England, Quakers of Britain, Church of Scotland