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Sharing festive traditions helps make Christmas joyful...

Fyness, a 50 year-old mum of 5 from Mzimba district, Malawi, describes how her community celebrates at Christmas:

‘Here in our area, we host dances. The young people play football matches. And we celebrate by eating the food we have prepared. We cook chicken and rice. After eating my rice, I feel very happy and satisfied. I wish I could be eating rice every day.’

But sadly, this Christmas, many families in Malawi will struggle even to have their staple food of maize porridge. Hunger has grown, due to the climate crisis, and Fyness knows what a Christmas with no food is like. ‘In the past, I was lacking food. I struggled to find food,’ she says.

This Christmas, you could help mums like Fyness to lift their families out of hunger.

Give a gift of love this Christmas

Like Fyness, will you share the thankfulness and joy of having good food to eat? Your gift could help another mum like Fyness to lift her family out of hunger.

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Fyness using her new homemade fertiliser in Malawi Credit: Malumbo Simwaka / Christian Aid
Fyness using her new homemade fertiliser in Malawi

'The produce gives me food security. I take care of my children with this produce.’

Through our local partner SOLDEV*, Fyness learned to farm – and in a way that helps her get her crops through times of drought, and nourishes them at no cost.

‘We have learnt about irrigation, and how to make fertiliser from manure and apply it to the fields,’ she explains, showing us her new garden. Fyness is now growing maize, other much-needed foods like soya, groundnuts and beans, plus vegetables and fruit. There’s even some left over that she can sell, to earn an income.

‘Christian Aid’s partner here taught us the importance of having a garden. At first, I thought it would not be useful, but it has helped me. With the garden, I can get my vegetables and cook.'

Then there are her 7 fruit trees: ‘Since I have planted the trees, I know in the future I will have fruits. Then I and my children will no longer struggle to look for wild fruits in the forest. We will get them at home.’

‘I used to lack food, but now, I am able to feed my family. I am grateful to Christian Aid. Thank you very much.’

*Synod of Livingstonia Development Department

Without gifts of love, it wouldn’t be Christmas

Choose a Charity Gift for someone you love, and help families around the world put hunger behind them.